Court Records Edit

  • CASE NAME: Turning Turnabout
  • CASE DESCRIPTION: An infamous hacker is accused of designing a captcha-bypassing spambot.
  • JUDGE PRESIDING: The Honorable Judge Judge Sr.
  • DEFENDANT: Jordan King
  • PROSECUTOR: Raiku Lucifer Samiyaza
  • DEFENSE: Lydia Prinz
  • VERDICT: Unknown

Evidence Edit

Court Transcript Edit

{Open: Raiku's office, in the Prosecutor's Offices.}

RAIKU: I haven't had a case since that time Badstar beat me. {Sigh}

JON: {offscreen} Hello? Prosecutor DeVille?

RAIKU: You mean Devil? Come in!

{Jon walks in.}

JON: Yeah... that's what I meant. Anyway, a case just came in for you, Mr. Devil. You should probably read up on it.

{Raiku takes it and reads it}

RAIKU: They want ME to do the King case? I'm honered! Sure, wynaut?

JON: ... Alright. I guess, since there isn't much evidence, we should head to court. Right?

RAIKU: First, what was the last website that the defendant's spambot spamed?

JON: It was a business website--most of the pages were locked out from the administrators. It took a while to fix, pal.

RAIKU: Okay. Lets go.

{Cut: the courtroom.}

JUDGE: Court is now in session. Is the defense ready?

???: Is there any reason I wouldn't be? Hmmph.

JUDGE: ... Ms. Prinz. It's, uh... nice to see you again.

LYDIA: Glad to hear.

JUDGE: And is the prosecution ready?


JUDGE: Alright, then. The prosecution may make its opening statement.

RAIKU: If the defendant is world infamous, he probaly did it.

JUDGE: Hm. Awful quick. Does the defense have anything to add?

LYDIA: Hmph! Fame has nothing to do with crime. It doesn't matter who's famous or not--somebody did it. And it wasn't the defendant.

JUDGE: ... Very well. Would the prosecution like to call a witness?


LYDIA: My, always with the theatrics, these types.

JUDGE: Very well. Would the CEO please take the stand?

{The CEO takes the stand}

CEO: Hello.

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