Court Records Edit

  • CASE DESCRIPTION: The star of a popular email show, Aruseus, was found dead in his room.
  • JUDGE PRESIDING: The Honorable Judge Judge Sr.
  • VICTIM: Aruseus Parker
  • DEFENDANT: Husk Richington
  • DEFENSE: Badstar Strunner
  • WITNESSES: Tom, Tex Aura, Austin Marowak.
  • VERDICT: Undecided

Evidence Edit

  • Aruseus' Ring - The weapon of choice by the murderer.
  • Note - "Maybe with you out of the picture, I'll be the star now."
  • Student ID - "Husk Richington, Age: 19, Grade: Sophomore"
  • PDA: - SkyPod V2.3.
  • Eva's Cell: - Call history shows a call to Husk from 4:50-5:15

Court Transcript Edit

{Cut to Room 232}

TOM: Hey...there's a note... {reading}"Maybe with you out of the picture, I'll be the star now." I think I know who might be the murderer.

TEX: Who?!

TOM: It has to be someone who hasn't been featured in Aruseus Emails for a while. It has to be a minor character.\

AUSTIN: But who? Everyone here's pretty major.

TOM: Wait...I know just who to look. Follow me.

{Cut to Room 342, Husk's dorm, someone's knocking on the door}

TOM: Husk! Get you and your butt out here now.

HUSK: Can I help you?

TOM: I know you did it!

HUSK: D-d-d-did what?

TOM: You killed Aruseus.

HUSK: WHAT?! That's impossible! I can't be in two places at once!

{Austin, Tom, and Tex stare at Husk in confusion}

HUSK: Okay, so I can. But I swear...I didn't do it!

TOM: Well don't say that to my face, because I don't believe a word of it. We'll have to settle this in court, and then it's the dog pound for you.

{Cut: Strunner and Co Law Offices}

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Its been a week since Andrew Holland was found guilty. And I've pretty much gotten over Stan leaving! I think I'm ready to take more clients in. But for now, I'm just gonna calm down and rela-}

JON: Hey, new case, detention center, now.

BADSTAR: ...Ummm... okay? {Thinking: Aaaaand, there goes my quiet afternoon.}

{Cut: Detention Center}

JON: He's in cell five. Might want to be careful talking to him... don't say anything about... well, you'll see.

BADSTAR: ...Okay. {Thinking: I wonder what he means?} {Walks to cell 5 and sits down}

HUSK: {hesitantly} ...hello.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: AAAAAAHH!!! O-o-okay.... THATS FRIGGIN' WEIRD} Oh, er, hello... I'm Badstar Strunner. I heard you wanted to see me?

HUSK: Yeah. I'm not guilty. I can tell you that now.

BADSTAR: Okay, but could you give me the details on this case? I only just heard about it a few minutes ago and I wasn't given much information...

HUSK: You see, Tom had told me Aruseus was killed while in the middle of checking an email. Seeing as I know Aruseus checks his email around 5 in the afternoon, he must've been murdered at...I'll estimate...5:02, 5:03, give or take.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Hmm, I should record this in my notepad.} {Pulls out notepad. Writes all the information down and puts it in court record.} Where did the murder take place?

HUSK: From what I heard, Aruseus' dorm room. He was killed while checking email.

BADSTAR: Is there any reason you were suspected of killing him?

HUSK: It's not just me suspected. Tom's targeting all of the characters of Bluefox Productions who haven't gotten much screentime. I have my own game for Christ's sake! How come I'm suspected for murder?!

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Hmmm... I wonder if he had some kind of a grudge with Aruseus?} Okay, this might sound bad, but... did you have some kind of feud with Aruseus?

{The percieve aura appears}


HUSK: No...him and I don't talk much.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Hmmm... okay, looks like I gotta find the habit. I may need evidence, but I'll find that later} Say, Husk... could you please repeat that?

HUSK: Him and I don't talk much.


HUSK: Wha...?

BADSTAR: When you told me you didn't have a feud with Aruseus and that you barley talked to him... your body gave off a signal. When you told me that... you twitched your ear!

HUSK: But...b-b-b-but I swear! I did not murder him! I was in my dorm room, and didn't hear about the murder until a day after! The only strange thing that day...the day Aruseus was murdered...


HUSK: My student ID was missing. I leave it on my desk all the time, and I had laid it there the night before the murder. That morning, when I woke up, the ID was gone. I had gone about asking a few students and even the principal if they had seen it. I went to Harrison, but no luck.

BADSTAR: Harrison?

HUSK: Monstropolis University Principal and Dean of students.

BADSTAR: Well, I think I've asked all questions I needed to ask. But before I go... could I have some directions to this university?

HUSK: It's down Redwood Ave. Once you get on the Turnpike, you'll find it.

{Cut: Monstropolis University. Aruseus's dorm.}

????: Ah. The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.

HUSK: Huh? AXEL?! How do you know?

AXEL: Word's gone around the entire campus. You're going into court for murder of this poor fellow.

HUSK: Since when have you used "poor fellow?" But it wasn't me.

BADSTAR: Um, hello... I'm Badstar Strunner, ace attorney. {Thinking: God, that name sounds so cool.}

AXEL: Axel Cario. Pleasure's mine.

HUSK: Since when have you been nice?

BADSTAR: {Thinking: This person probably knows about the murder... I should ask him some questions}

AXEL: I know this was all Husk's doing. Oh, and by the way, here's your stupid ID back. It's the identity of a criminal now.

{Axel hands him the ID}

HUSK: Um...thanks?

AXEL: Now get out of here, Husk. We all know it was you, so beat it.

BADSTAR: H-hey! He's helping me with the investigation!

AXEL: Investigation? You're getting a criminal to help you? You never know. He may stab you in the back or mislead you.

BADSTAR: Well, I'm not worrying about that. By the way... any reason you had Husk's ID card with you?

AXEL: Husk had dropped it after lunch. I had found it and decided to hold on to it and wait since Husk had a term paper to write.

BADSTAR: Hmmm... odd. Husk told me he left it on his desk the night before the murder!

AXEL: He's lying. He must've used the so-called stolen or missing ID as a way to frame other people.

BADSTAR: ...Uh, what? {Thinking: I'm begginging to have suspicions about this guy} Err, not meaning to be rude or anything, but... could you please leave? We need to investigate...

AXEL: Feh. You'll just keep running in circles. Just impound the dog and be done with it. {leaves}

HUSK: God, I hate that guy.

BADSTAR: Yeah, he is kind of a jerk I gotta admit. Now lets see here... Huh? Is this is the victim's computer?

HUSK: His PDA...what significance does that have?

BADSTAR: Well, it could be important! Maybe theres something on here that has something to do with the crime! {Picks up PDA. Presses a few buttons} Hmmm... looks like I need a password.

HUSK: Crap. I can't hack it. If I were to know the password, I'd be even more of a prime suspect, and if I ask Tom, he'll totally fry my butt.

BADSTAR: Maybe the passwords written down somewhere...

HUSK: {looks under desk} Try "taquitoswillruletheworld."

BADSTAR: ...Thats... probably the weirdest password I've ever heard. Oh, well. Lets try it. {Types down the password} It worked! Okay, now lets see... it looks like he was checking an email before he was murdered. {Reads the email} Looks like some kind of creepy song.

HUSK: I've never seen those lyrics. Something tells me this email was sent as a distraction to keep Aruseus there.

BADSTAR: I should probably keep this. It could be important. {Puts PDA in court record}

HUSK: Well, now what?

BADSTAR: We should probably look for more evidence. ...{See's Aruseus's ring lying on the floor, covered in blood.} {Face turns slightly green at the sight of blood} I-I'm guessing thats the murder weapon...

HUSK: But why his own ring? The murderer must've snatched it and used it.

BADSTAR: I should have this sent down to the lab later to be inspected for fingerprints. {Takes ring}

HUSK: Okay.

BADSTAR: Well, I don't see anything else here...

HUSK: You mean the murderer has no fingerprints?

BADSTAR: Huh? You want me to look at the ring? I don't really think I can see anything without a black bulb or something...

HUSK: Hm...where are you going to get a black bulb here?

???: You can find some in the law department.


HARRISON: My apologies. My daughter's new here, and hasn't introduced herself.

EVA: I'm Eva Harrison. I'm a new student here, although I must say I came at a bad time.

HUSK: Wait, you're the angry chick from that reality show, right? Ugh. TJ, why do you keep bringing on TDI characters?

TJ: {offscreen} Sorry! Needed a plot twist!

BADSTAR: {Thinking: And what a plot twist indeed...}

EVA: Well, if you go to the section of the building where they have the law and investigation classes, they do mock murder cases with fake evidence. They have black bulbs there.

BADSTAR: Thats certainly convenient...

HUSK: Thanks, Eva. You're a lifesaver.

EVA: Eh, whatever.

{Cut: Law Department}

BADSTAR: I think this is the place.

EVA: {hands Badstar a box labled "black bulbs"} I am just full of convienences today, am I?

HARRISON: {offscreen} That's my daughter!

BADSTAR: Oh, thanks! {Adds bulbs to court record} Well, I think its time to take a look at that ring.

{Cut: Aruseus's room. Jon is on the telephone. He whispers something to the person on the phone.}

JON: Yeah, I'll be a sec... {to Badstar} Thank God you made it, pal! I didn't think I could stand to be in this room for so long...

BADSTAR: Hey, Jon? Could you do me a favor and help me screw this in? {Pulls black bulb}

JON: I suppose so, pal... not sure why.

{Jon replaces the bulb in Aruseus' lamp with a black bulb. Immediately, bloodstains can be seen.}

JON: AAAAH! Th-th-there's s-s-s-so much bl-bl-blood!

BADSTAR: OH DEAR LORD!!! {Runs out. Puking noises can be heard.}

STAN: {on phone} Squeamish, is he?

JON: Yeah, like always.

STAN: {on phone} Heh... I'd love to see his face right now...

HUSK: If there's that much blood, either the murderer must've pierced the heart, or stabbed him multiple times. Oh, Aruseus, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE?!

JON: Hey, pal, you did it!

STAN: {on phone} Detective... who's watching the suspect?

JON: ... Wh-what?

STAN: {on phone} Right now, the suspect is out and about... which, as we know, is illegal. Right?

JON: ... S-sorry, pal. Strunner was escorting him, but he got sick-

STAN: {on phone} So the suspect has plenty of time to run! Jon, you idiot!

JON: It's not my f-fault... really!

BADSTAR: {Walks back in} Alright, I'm okay...

HUSK: For the last time...I didn't do it!

BADSTAR: ...What did I miss?

HUSK: Er...nothing. Stan's still skeptical about me being the murderer.

EVA: Even I know Husk couldn't have done it. Husk was in his room the whole time, talking to me on his cellphone!

STAN: {on phone} And you fail to realize one thing, ma'am. That thing being... do you really know just where he was?

BADSTAR: Ummm... Stan? I feel it would be a little difficult to kill somebody and talk on the phone at the same time.

STAN: {on phone} Badstar, it seems you're not quite getting it. It seems that Mr. Husk has no solid alibi.

BADSTAR: ...Okay, I hate to say it... but you have a point. But still! That doesn't mean he did it!

STAN: {on phone} True... however, I'm not one to say whether he's guilty or not. Listen, I have to leave. I just got a case and I need to read up on it.

{Stan hangs up.}

EVA: I know damn well where he was. If you look at my call history on my cell, there's a call to Husk which was at 4:50 to 5:15!

{Eva shows Badstar her cellphone}

BADSTAR: So this means that Husk couldn't have murdered him! But that may not be proof enough. Which means its about time I looked at this ring!


BADSTAR: ...Errr, yeah. Y'know, the murder weapon...?

EVA: Oh...uh...TJ! Have you been paying attention?!

{Cut to TJ (in case you didn't know that's irl Ryan B.) in his room on the computer}

TJ: What? Oh, sorry. I got sidetracked!

{Cut back}

EVA: And to think he writes this stuff...Anyway, what'd you find?

BADSTAR: Well, there are indeed fingerprints on this!

{Long pause}

JON: ... Do they belong to anybody in particular?

HUSK: Yeah! Who is it?

BADSTAR: Um... I... don't know.

JON: Hold on, let me analyze these. I'll be back in a bit, pal.

{Jon reluctantly takes the ring out of the room with him.}

EVA: I have no clue who might've done it, but I know it wasn't Husk.

BADSTAR: Well, I've found all I could. I guess all to do now is wait for court to begin tommorrow.

EVA: Don't worry, Husk. I'll get you out of this.

{Cut: Courtroom Lobby, the next day}

HUSK: Well, I just want to say this. Eva, Badstar, wish me luck, you've both been great help.

BADSTAR: Thanks, mr Husk. I'm glad I can help.

HUSK: Well, are we ready?

BADSTAR: Well court won't start for about 4 minu-

BALIFF: Court is now in session! The defense and the defendant must enter the courtroom.

HUSK: ...Gulp.

{Cut: Courtroom}

JUDGE: Good morning, everyone. Is everybody feeling alright today?

BADSTAR: Errr, yes, your honor. {Thinking: The judge seems happy today. That should be a good thing, I hope.}

JUDGE: Now then... {angrily} I have every intention to hand down a guilty verdict right now. This is a very clear case and I don't believe there is room for error. Correct, Prosecutor?

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Ooooooooooookay, nevermind...}

HUSK: ...let's hope for the best.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: I gotta raise an objection about this!} Y-your honor! We can't be for sure the defendant is guilty! Haven't you heard that everybody deserves a porper trial?

AXEL: This dog killed an innocent man! He'll get a proper trial when the world ends!

JUDGE: Hey, hey, hey! No jabber from the audience, okay? ... Now, I do know that everybody deserves a proper trial. So I'm giving the prosecutor a chance to make its opening statement.

AXEL: Okay, then. Your Honor, this man deliberately killed an innocent student. The guy can split himself, meaning he was PROBABLY in his room, while the rest of him went off to kill the victim.

{Pan futher to the right to see an annoyed Tom}

TOM: Ahem...who's the prosecutor here? Your Honor, the note was obviously from a minor character that gets no attention.

JUDGE: Bailiff, escort Mr. Axel out of the court.


JUDGE: ... Just get him out of here.

{The bailiff shoves Axel out of the room.}

HUSK: ...what the...never mind.

JUDGE: Prosecutor... the real prosecutor... your opening statements, please.

TOM: Husk Richington, where were you last night at 5:00, the night of the murderer's death?

HUSK: I told you! I was in my room, talking to Eva!

BADSTAR: Actually, that is indeed true. That can be proven by this cell phone. {Presents Eva's cell phone} You see, if you look at the call history, you can clearly see that they were still talking AFTER the murder occured!

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