Court Records Edit

  • CASE NAME: Deception and Turnabout
  • CASE DESCRIPTION: A man close to Badstar is arrested for murder. Is he really innocent?
  • JUDGE PRESIDING: The Honorable Judge Judge Sr.
  • PROSECUTOR: Chwoka
  • DEFENSE: Badstar Strunner
  • WITNESSES: Jon, Stan
  • VERDICT: Not Guilty

Evidence Edit

  • Bloody Glass - Part of a window pane. Has unidentified blood lining it. .
  • Notepad Of Justice - Badstar's notepad. He records important things in this.
  • No Body - The lack of Phil's body where it should be.
  • Burned Shirt - A piece of Phil's shirt. Burned in a fire. No trace of Phil's blood.
  • Gun - A gun, used presumably by the murderer. Has blood on it.
  • Book of Matches - A book of matches used to light the furnace.
  • Stan's Blood - Found at Crime Scene - matched to Stan.
  • Phil's Blood - Found at Crime Scene - matched to Phil.
  • Furnace - Found at the crime scene. Was cold on the day of investigation.

Court Transcript Edit

{Open: a dark room. Two tall figures are there--one backed up against the wall, and one holding something.}

????: Wh-why? Why are you doing this?

????: Revenge. That's why.

{The one not on the wall shoots the one backed against the wall. The figure slumps down, dead. Suddenly, the room, relights... with Stan holding a gun.}

STAN: It's over... finally.

{Stan leaves the room, chuckling to himself.}

{Fade to black.}

{Cut: the offices of Strunner & Co.}

BADSTAR: {Sweeping the floor, while humming this}

{Suddenly, Jon runs in.}


BADSTAR: AAAAAHHHH!!! Jeez! Ya almost gave me a heart attack, Jon!

JON: We-he-hell, believe me when I say I almost got a heart attack too... when I heard the news!

BADSTAR: Errr... news? What news? By the way, have you seen Stan? I haven't seen him since he went out last night.

JON: Oh-ho. Oh-ho-ho-ho. Come with me.

{Jon leaves the room.}

BADSTAR: Err... okay...

{Cut: Detention center}

BADSTAR: What are we doing here, Jon?

STAN: {offscreen} You don't need to ask.

{Stan walks up to the visitor's area from behind the glass. He sits to meet Badstar.}

STAN: Strunner... I hate to meet like this.

BADSTAR: W-W-... WHAAAAAT!?!? Whats going on!? I-is this supposed to be a joke!?

STAN: {grinning} Nope. I'm really in here. If you want, Jon can pinch you...

BADSTAR: ...That would help.

STAN: But seriously, Strunner. I've been arrested, and... now I'm in here.

BADSTAR: But... why? What happened?

STAN: Well... I shot somebody.

BADSTAR: W-WHAT!? You... shot somebody!? A-are you sure it was you? You don't seem like the type to kill...

STAN: Well, according to the police, I shot somebody.

JON: It's... it's true. He's got the motive, the evidence... everything!

BADSTAR: Well... what exactly is the motive and the evidence?

JON: The guy he killed was... well, you remember.

{Reminiscence - Grief}

STAN: It was my last case as a defense attorney. The man I let free actually killed the man found guilty. From that day on, I could never face my past again... So, last night, I killed the man I defended, years ago. His name was Phil, and he was a murderous man, indeed. The gun they found had my prints on it, the blood-stained shirt was covered in Phil's blood... the evidence piles up. Plus, I've got a clear motive, so... it looks like I'm through.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: NO! T-this can't be happening! I have to defend him! But if I do, he may be found guilty! But if I don't he'll die! What do I do!?}

STAN: Badstar... I don't want you defending me.

BADSTAR: B-but...

STAN: It's too risky. You may lose...

{Chwoka walks in}

CHWOKA: Which is where I come in.

JON: HEY! Who do you think you are, c-

STAN: Let him speak, Detective. Now, who are you?

CHWOKA: Chwoka. I'll be the prosecutor. You may remember me from a case of poisoned crab. I was still a rookie back then. My god, man, I didn't know you were this much of a perfectionist - one blemish of falsified evidence on your hands, so you kill someone?

STAN: Heh... my, how the days have gone by. Prosecutor Chwoka. I almost didn't recognize you!

CHWOKA: You didn't.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: ...I am so confused.}

CHWOKA: {Turns to look at Badstar} You look like you've been hurt.

BADSTAR: Well, I'm not really hur-

{long pause}

CHWOKA: ...what?


CHWOKA: You didn't finish your sentence. I gave you time. I gave you so much time that Stan fell asleep...Speaking of, I wanted you to get away from him...we need to talk. You're his defense, right?

BADSTAR: Well... er... {Gulps} .....Yes. Yes I am.

CHWOKA: Great, great. {Chwoka puts his hand on Badstar's back, and leads him out of the room}

{Cut to Chwoka's place. Even though lawyers are usually rich, he appears to be very poor. He sits down}

CHWOKA: Hope you like the beverage. All I can afford.

BADSTAR: Errrrrr... thank you? {Slowly takes a sip} Any reason you took me here?


BADSTAR: And that reason is...? Wait, you're not gonna murder me so you'll win are you?

CHWOKA: Well,I'm about to tell a flashback... You see, when I first met Stan, we were running against each other. He won, quite well, but he was kind of a ass. A bit of a perfectionist too - "The Ace Attorney" he called himself. First case I lost, but I didn't mind. Anyway, it was a big murder case - the third one I'd ever had. Stan and I were almost friends, but we never did meet up again until now. When I lost that murder trial, my reputation was ruined. I couldn't get any high-paying jobs - I was stuck in Small Claims land, grabbing at estates of unimportant people. With Phil, I struck big - I got to see Stan again, and won this time. My reputation was still not on an upswing, though - it wasn't over anything big. Now, how m any months later, I struck gold, and I get another chance at a non-small claims court case.

{Chwoka stands up}

CHWOKA: You see this place, Badstar? A cramped little apartment. Law is all I know. And if I don't win this case, I won't be able to pay the bills and eat!

BADSTAR: B-but... I have to get Stan innocent! I know he didn't do it!

CHWOKA: The Stages...

  • Denial

BADSTAR: Theres no way he did it! He couldn't have killed anybody!

  • Anger

BADSTAR: I can't believe I'm in this mess! This would've never happened if I hadn't become a lawyer! ARGH!!!

  • Bargaining

BADSTAR: Hey, god? Do ya think you could rewind time? Please?

  • Anger


  • Angry Bargaining Denial

BADSTAR: ...Now thats just ridiculous.

  • Substituting swear words with random nouns

BADSTAR: Okay, now you're just making stuff up!

  • Depression

BADSTAR: {Sigh} This can't be happening... this is the worst day of my life...

  • Anger

BADSTAR: .......You're messing with me now, aren't you?

  • I said ANGER!

BADSTAR: {Monotone} Oh my. I am so very angry.

  • Acceptance

BADSTAR: M-maybe... maybe Stan is guilty.... he even admitted it..... NO. I won't give up! Stan may be guilty, but even though, he may not be! Sorry, Chwoka... but I have to do this!

CHWOKA: ...and right back around to angry bargaining denial. Bye.

{Fade to black}

BADSTAR: I left Chwoka's place, with a look of determination in my eyes. I eventually found the crime scene and began my investigation, alone.

{Cut: Crime scene}

BADSTAR: ...Huh. A little different with nobody to help me. Oh well. I can handle this!

JON: Not quite, pal!

{Jon walks in.}

JON: I'm here to help you out! After all, getting Stan free is both our jobs, right?

{Jon grins and walks toward the crime scene.}

JON: Wow... right in Stan's own house... that's nasty, pal.

BADSTAR: Well, lets check this out... {Tries opening door to the house} Strange. Its locked...

JON: Ah, then you don't know how St- the killer got in!

{Jon walks over to the side of the house and motions toward the window. It is broken, and blood is on some of the glass.}

JON: We think this is where the killer got in. Then again, we haven't done a blood test yet, so we can't be sure.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: I should record this down in my notepad... OF JUSTICE.} {Pulls out "notepad of justice" and writes something down. Puts it in the court record} So... I'm guessing this is our only way in...

JON: Oh-ho. Oh-ho-ho-ho. I've got the key, you know. Of course, if you want to go in through the window, be my guest!

{Jon opens the front door and walks inside.}

{Drew Studio}

BADSTAR: {Walks in} {Shudders} B-blood... everywhere....

JON: Oh, yeah. The whole nine yards. Or, probably, the whole nine gallons! ... But now's not time for joking. So, what do you want to know about the crime scene, pal?

BADSTAR: Well, for starters, what time did the murder take place?

JON: It was about 12 midnight last night. Not many people were up, apparently. ... Say, pal? You know what I thought was weird about the crime scene?


JON: We searched the whole crime scene--no body.

BADSTAR: Hmmmm... then maybe......

JON: It was probably burned, is what we think.

BADSTAR: Burned?

JON: Yep. We found a piece of Phil's shirt in Stan's furnace downstairs.

BADSTAR: Well, I guess we know where to investigate next...

{The two head to the basement.}

JON: Yep. This is where the furnace was. ... See those bloodstains leading to the furnace?

BADSTAR: Yeah. I'm guessing thats the blood from the body.

JON: Nope. It's Stan's blood.

BADSTAR: What!? Why would Stan be bleeding?

JON: Well, here's our theory. You see, when Stan tried to kill Phil, Stan was attacked by Phil. Phil tried to run away, down to the furnace, but then Stan ran after him and did him in. That's why there's so much blood up there--it's both Stan and Phil's blood.

BADSTAR: ...You mean THE KILLER and Phil's blood, right?

JON: ...


{The aura appears around Jon.}

JON: Yeah... that's what I meant. Sorry, pal!

BADSTAR: {Thinking: T-the aura! He's lying! But first, I have to find the twitch!}

JON: Wh- what's with the look? All I said is that the killer's blood was unidentified.


JON: ... What?

BADSTAR: Right after you said the blood was undentified... YOU COUGHED!!! Which leads to believe... that the blood WAS identified as Stan and you DO think Stan did it! In fact, I can prove you think Stan did it!

JON: No need to prove anything, pal.

{The aura fades away.}

JON: We... took some tests on the blood. Stan's blood was here. In fact... this pretty much proves his guilt.

BADSTAR: Well, I as a fact, DON'T think he did it! And I plan to prove it! And if you don't think that... then you might as well leave, Jon.......

JON: I'd... I'd might as well... but first, let me just help out a little. Something weird I noticed about the burnt clothes...

BADSTAR: ........Yes?

JON: There wasn't any blood on it. Not a bit. ... That's all.

{Jon starts to leave.}

JON: That's all I need to say. Good luck at the trial.

{Fade to black}

BADSTAR: I searched the Stan's house, alone. The only other evidence was a gun covered in blood, and some matches near the furnace. Afterwards, I went home and tried to sleep. But, I couldn't. I was too stressed thinking about what would happen to my mentor, Stan...

{Cut: Lobby}

BADSTAR: {Sweating and shaking} {Thinking: Butterflies in stomach... WON'T STOP FLYING}

{Jon walks in.}

JON: Hey, pal. Ready for the trial?


JON: Good. I like your optimism. It's funny, though...

BADSTAR: W-what is that supposed to mean!? I'M NOT NERVOUS OR ANYTHING.

JON: It's not that, it's just... seeing you defend a dead man walking... you've gotta admire those kinda guts, you know?

BADSTAR: He's not guilty! I know he isn't... h-he can't be.....

BAILIFF: The trial's beginning! Please come in, Mr. Strunner.

JON: See ya, Strunner. Here's hoping you win.

{Cut: Courtroom}

JUDGE: Court is now in session. Is the defense ready?

BADSTAR: {Still sweating slightly} T-the defense is ready, your honor...

JUDGE: ... Mr. Strunner, you seem nervous. Is everything alright?

BADSTAR: Well, to tell you, the truth I am a bit nervous... but I'll get over it... {Thinking: I hope...}

JUDGE: Alright, then. Is the prosecution ready?

CHWOKA: Not particularly, but I'll give it a shot anyhow.

JUDGE: Okay. Now, would the prosecution care to make its opening statement?

CHWOKA: I'd rather let the defense go first.

BADSTAR: Eeeerr... I don't really have much to say....

JUDGE: Oh... really? Well, I'm a bit in the dark to what's going on myself, so... why not bring in the first witness?

BADSTAR: Err... yes, your Honor. The defense calls Detective Jon to the stand.

{Jon comes up to the witness' stand.}

JON: Good morning, Your Honor.

JUDGE: Why, good morning to yourself!

JON: This doesn't seem like the time for conversation, does it?

JUDGE: Well, probably not... would the prosecution like to make a statement to this witness?

CHWOKA: I'd like to say that Jon has personal tethers to Stan, but everyone here does, so carry on.

JUDGE: Ah, short and sweet. Hopefully like the trial!

JON: {groans} Uh, Your Honor?

JUDGE: Oh, right! The testimony, please.

{Examination - Moderate}

JON: The murder took place at about twelve midnight, at the defendant's house. From what we could gather, both people involved sustained injury--although Stan's wound is significantly less fatal. After killing Phil, he disposed of his body in the furnace... is what we think.

JUDGE: ... Alright. The defense may start its cross-examination.

BADSTAR: Yes, your honor. Detective, please repeat the testimony.

JON: Alright... The murder took place at about twelve midnight, at the defendant's house. From what we could gather, both people involved sustained injury--although Stan's wound is significantly less fatal. After killing Phil, he disposed of his body in the furnace... is what we think.

CHWOKA: One quick question - where was Stan wounded?

JON: We took a look at him in the detention center, and he looks like he was shot in the arm, sir.

CHWOKA: Which arm?


JON: Yep. Looks like he was shot. In the left arm, sir.

CHWOKA: Any other injuries of any other type? Diseases? Bum knees?

JON: Nope, that's it. Shot.

CHWOKA: Can you tell the age of the wound? Minutes and seconds would be helpful.

JON: Look, it was last night at 11:59, about, okay? What's with specifics? Geez...

CHWOKA: Is that your final answer?

JUDGE: Prosecutor Chwoka! I'd like you to refrain from badgering the witness.

BADSTAR: Your honor, may I please continue the cross examination?


BADSTAR: But first, I suggest detective Jon add the part about the defendant's wounds to the testimony.

JUDGE: Agreed. Witness, please amend your testimony.

JON: Yes sir.

JON: Alright... The murder took place at about twelve midnight, at the defendant's house. From what we could gather, both people involved sustained injury--although Stan's wound is significantly less fatal. Stan, by the way, was shot. After killing Phil, he disposed of his body in the furnace... is what we think.

BADSTAR: OBJECTION! You say you think that the body was disposed in the furnace?

JON: Yes, sir. Why... oh, isn't this one of your contradictions or something?

BADSTAR: ...Yeah. Anyway... your theory of the body being disposed... {Slams desk} IS FALSE!!! And I can prove it!

JON: Really? Where's the proof?

JUDGE: Agreed. Where is it, Mr. Strunner?

BADSTAR: Right here! Take that! {Presents the book of matches.} If you pay attention closley, you can see there are 5 matches missing, correct? Well, yesterday during investigation, I happened to touch the furnace... and it was stone cold! My point? If 5 matches were used to light the furnace... {Points index finger} THEN THE FURNACE WOULD STILL BE WARM FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!

JON: Woah, you're right!

JUDGE: Witness! How do you explain this?

JON: But... wait! What about the burned shirt? The killer burned it... with the furnace!

BADSTAR: I can prove that too! You see, only 4 could have been used because 5 would've started a house fire! Thus... THE FIFTH MATCH WAS USED TO BURN THE SHIRT IN ORDER TO GET RID OF EVIDENCE!!!

{Objection 2007}

JUDGE: Wha... what is all this?

JON: Uh, I can- I can explain, sir!

JUDGE: ... You can? Really?

JON: Uh, yeah, of course!

{Examination - Moderate}

JON: You see, the furnace doesn't need a match to be lit. The thing starts on its own. Thus, the killer didn't need a match to light the furnace. Besides, it was about eight hours from the time of the murder to the investigation, so the furnace had to be cold!

JUDGE: My... this certainly opens a few windows.

JON: I think you got the metaphor wrong, Your Honor...

JUDGE: The defense may start its cross-examination.

BADSTAR: Y-yes, your honor. Please repeat the testimony, detective... {Thinking: D-damn... its gonna be hard to break this testimony...}'

JON: You see, the furnace doesn't need a match to be lit. The thing starts on its own. Thus, the killer didn't need a match to light the furnace. Besides, it was about eight hours from the time of the murder to the investigation, so the furnace had to be cold!

BADSTAR: HOLD IT! If the killer didn't need a match, then why are there 5 missing and why was the match book found near the furnace?

JON: Simple. The matches were used before the murder. The matches were probably in the victim's pocket, and as he was shoved into the furnace, the matches dropped out of his pocket.

BADSTAR: I see... please continue the testimony.

JON: You see, the furnace doesn't need a match to be lit. The thing starts on its own. Thus, the killer didn't need a match to light the furnace. Besides, it was about eight hours from the time of the murder to the investigation, so the furnace had to be cold!

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Think, Badstar, think... what else can I press him on? ...I'VE GOT IT!} Witness, what time was the body thrown in the furnace and what time was it when the investigation began?

JON: According to the investigation carried out earlier, the furnace was lit at about 3 in the morning... AAAAH!

BADSTAR: Exactly! You see... why would the killer throw the body in... AFTER 8 HOURS!?

JON: ... You're awesome, Strunner!

JUDGE: Explain this, Mr. Strunner!

????: I think I can explain better.


STAN: Yep. It's me again.

JUDGE: Oh? Is this the legendary prosecutor?

STAN: That's right.

JUDGE: ... Why are you speaking, again?

STAN: I wish to testify. Testify toward my guilt.

JUDGE: You mean... confess?!

STAN: Mm-hm.

BADSTAR: W-w-w-w-w-w-w-....WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?

STAN: Please, let me confess.

{Examination - Allegro}

STAN: It was 11:55. I had arranged Phil and I to meet. When he came, I had shot him... but that hadn't killed him. So, I shot him once more and finished him off. Then, I dragged him to the basement and burned his corpse. That's what happened, and I'm sticking to it.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Wait a minute... CONTRADICTION! Already? Wow...} I would like to begin my cross examination, your honor.

JUDGE: Yes, Mr. Strunner. Begin the cross-examination.

STAN: Ahem... It was 11:55. I had arranged Phil and I to meet. When he came, I had shot him... but that hadn't killed him. So, I shot him once more and finished him off. Then, I dragged him to the basement and burned his corpse. That's what happened, and I'm sticking to it.


{Stan's face suddenly contorts into that of a grimace.}

STAN: That... that never happened! You're making things up, Strunner!

{Suddenly, Stan becomes calm again.}

STAN: I must have misremembered...

JUDGE: ... Mr. Stan, are you alright?

STAN: I'm fine, fine. Anyway, about the blood...

{Examination - Allegro}

STAN: Yes, Phil did have a gun on him. And he did shoot me in the arm. But he died from the blood loss short after, so all I had to do was drag his body to the furnace. That's how it happened.

BADSTAR: {...That burst Stan had... hmmmmmm... AHA!!! I-IT CAN'T BE!!! I have a theory... but first I have to break "Stan's" testimony!}

STAN: What? Now what was that look for, Strunner?

BADSTAR: {Thinking: ...Might as well reveal it now. ...Here it goes. {Gulp} Hmmmm... Instead of doing a cross-examination... I have a theory, or fact, I would like to share to the court.

JUDGE: ... Yes, Mr. Badstar?

STAN: Please, Strunner... explain. What's your idea?

BADSTAR: Stan, you have been acting awfully different today. How you just admitted your guilt got me wondering. And the fact that the body couldn't be found strengthed the wondering. And that outburst... that did. I believe that defendant in the stand right... is not the defendant... BUT THE VICTIM, PHIL!!!

STAN: ... Strunner. Phil is dead.

JUDGE: That's right, Mr. Strunner. Your claims are baseless in fact...

STAN: Unless you happen to have proof that he's still alive?

BADSTAR: In fact... I DO HAVE PROOF! {Thinking: I do! But... I can't remember what it is... well... looks like have to... guess...}

STAN: Stop stalling, Strunner. You're grasping at straws.

BADSTAR: As a matter of fact, I'm not! And I'm willing to put my badge on the line! Your honor, if I mess this up... I want you take away my badge.

JUDGE: If you wish... I will. Now, give us the proof. The solid proof that will prove that this man, standing before us, is the victim!

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Wait, I just remembered!} Here is the evidence that proof that the defendant is Phil in disguise! TAKE THAT! {Presents the piece of Phils shirt}

STAN: ... Please! Is that the best you can do?

JUDGE: Please explain, Mr. Strunner. Remember... your badge is on the line.

STAN: I say we go for the ultimate penalty...

BADSTAR: ... {Smirks} I agree! Now, I shall explain... now you see, "Stan", if Phil was really shot and killed... wouldn't this piece of cloth have something... say... BLOOD!?

{Cornered 2004}

STAN: ...

JUDGE: ...


JUDGE: Defendant!

STAN: Is... is that the best you can do? GYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That! That's pathetic! How do you even know I even got blood on my sh-

JUDGE: ... !!!

STAN: ... oh... oh, no...

BADSTAR: {Smirks} ...Gotcha.

JUDGE: Defendant! Are... are you...

{"Stan" smirks and changes his expression to one of murderous whim.}

PHIL: Yes... that's right. It's me. Phil.

JUDGE: But... why? What's going on?

PHIL: ... Well, I think Strunner can explain it. Can't you, Strunner?

BADSTAR: Yes, I think I can.

{Inform The Truth}

BADSTAR: You called Stan to meet. When you got there, you pulled out a gun, to kill him, but you accidentally ended up shooting yourself. Stan ran and you gave chase. You then knocked out Stan, leaving blood on the floor, spilling some of Stan's blood. That is when you made it look like Stan tried to kill you. Then you pretended to be him so you could admit and get Stan killed! ...THAT is what happened.

PHIL: ... Wow. You're smarter than I give you credit for. But... one has to wonder. Did I really "knock him out", or... heh-heh-heh-heh...

{Phil grins, evilly.}

PHIL: Stan's dead, Strunner.

BADSTAR: ...N-n-n.....NOOOOOOO!!! Y-you're lying!!!

PHIL: Nope. That's the truth. I shot him.

JUDGE: Witness... you just confessed to murder!

PHIL: Who cares? I failed my mission, anyhow.

????: You did, didn't you?

PHIL: ... That... that voice... you can't... I shot...

BADSTAR: {Gasp} S-...STAN!!! YOU'RE ALIVE! {Thinking: Thank god!}

STAN: Yep. It's the real me.


STAN: Oh, if only.

JUDGE: Stan... please, explain.

STAN: Alright, here's how it went. It was late, last night. Phil came to my house, and pulled a knife on me. Luckily, I had a gun nearby, so I shot his arm. Unluckily for me, however, he shot me back after I dropped my gun. Then's when he thought I was dead. However, I was still alive... albeit bleeding badly. Phil had taken off his shirt and taken one of mine, to complete the masquerade... what he didn't expect was me going to the furnace and finding it. That's where those bloodstains came from. But then, there raises another question... why?

PHIL: ...

{Explanation Time}

STAN: You see, Phil had ruined my career years ago when he pulled another stunt like this. And now... he wishes to ruin the one I teached. But that's not happening, is it, Phil?

PHIL: {looking pained} ...

{Right at the end of the song, Phil suddenly throws his head up.}


{Phil suddenly faints and falls over.}

BAILIFF: Somebody call a doctor!

JUDGE: Mr. Stan... how?

STAN: I'm sorry I couldn't get here earlier--I had to get my knife wound operated on.

JUDGE: ... Mr. Strunner... what... do you have to say about this?

BADSTAR: ....I-I have nothing to say except... I believe at this point everybody in this courtroom can agrre that the defendant, Stan... is not guilty.

JUDGE: Agreed. We find Stan... not guilty. Mr. Phil will be sentenced to life in jail for conspiracy to commit murder and attempted first degree murder. Court is adjourned.

{Fade to black.}

{Cut: the defense lobby.}

STAN: Badstar... you were scared, weren't you?

BADSTAR: Oh no, I was qiute fine, ecspecially when I learned that you may have been de- HOW DO YOU THINK I FRIGGIN' FELT!?

STAN: I understand. Because... I was scared, too.

BADSTAR: You were? But... why?

STAN: I was scared... that you would panic. That you would worry about me...

{Prosecutor's Murmur}

STAN: But... it looks like you're okay.

{Stan sighs and turns away from Badstar.}

STAN: I'm not, though. Stan... Stan is dead.

BADSTAR: W-...What do you mean?

STAN: When I know that I have enemies who will do anything to hurt those that I care about... I need to get away from people. That's why... I'm leaving. Forever.

BADSTAR: ...A-are you sure?

STAN: Yes. I am. ... My plane leaves tonight... I can't be late.

{Stan walks out of the room.}

JON: {running into the room} Hey, hey, HEY! You did it, Strunner! You got Stan innocent! ... Where is he, anyhow?

{Fade to black}

BADSTAR: ... I explained Jon everything. He was sad, as you may guess. Me? Only half sad... said because... well, I'll miss him. But, I'm also happy that he'll find a life that won't bring him pain. And, hey. I may even see him again one day. But I have a feeling that won't happen for a long time. Until I eventually meet again... I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. This trial taught me something. Always believe in your client... no matter what.

STAN: I left the country that day... and I never went back. Sure, I thought about Strunner every once in a while, but I stayed strong... It's been seven years since then, and Strunner's career has since ended... but I keep vigilant, and I keep an eye on him. He was a real friend... Strunner. No... Badstar.

{Fade in to Chwoka on the streets, sobbing to himself. Jon follows him, eyes misty as well.}

JON: I can't... I can't believe... he's GOOOOOONE!

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