Court Records Edit

  • CASE NAME: Turnabout Brothers
  • CASE DESCRIPTION: Two brothers get in a fight and only one walks out. Is this truly brotherly hate, or is there something more sinister going on?
  • JUDGE PRESIDING: The Honorable Judge Judge Sr.
  • PLAINTIFF: Raggon Blade
  • DEFENDANT: Raggonix Blade
  • PROSECUTOR: Raiku Devil
  • DEFENSE: Badstar Strunner
  • WITNESSES: Meg Angel, Jak White
  • VERDICT: Not Guilty

Evidence Edit

  • Defense Attorney's Badge - Where would I be without this?
  • Subpoena Papers - Issued to Raggonix. Owed Raggon money.
  • Gun - Used as the weapon.
  • Stan's File - Detail's Stan's career in full.
  • Fingerprint Results - The fingerprint scans found on the gun.

Court Transcript Edit

{Open: the offices of Badstar Strunner, Attorney at Law. Stan and Badstar are there, going over strategies.}

STAN: ... remember, always press for information before you start presenting evidence. That way, you get more information out of him. Got it?

BADSTAR: Got it!

STAN: Good. Now, let's relax for a bi-

JON: {offscreen} Hey! Let me in!

{Stan lets Jon in.}

JON: Boy, pal, have I got something to show you!


JON: Mr. Strunner, you should take a look at this...

BADSTAR: {Has a bag of chips. About to put one into his mouth.} ...What? Oh. {Puts chip back in bag and puts it down} What is it, detective?

JON: It's a new case! Can you believe it?

STAN: Really? ... Give me the file, Jon.

{Jon hands Stan the file.}

STAN: Huh. This looks like a promising case.

BADSTAR: Whats the case?

STAN: Apparently, two brothers got in a fight, and one was put into the hospital after being shot. The other is being charged for assault.

BADSTAR: Hmmm... that DOES sound promising. Whats the name of the one being charged for assault?

STAN: Raggonix is his name. He certainly doesn't sound like the type to be carrying a gun.

JON: Yeah, I think you should go to the Detention Center to see if you can't get any info.

BADSTAR: Hmm... sounds like a plan. {Thinking: {sigh} looks like I'm gonna have to save realixing for later...} {Walks out the door}

{Cut: Detention Center. Raggonix is behind the glass.}

STAN: ... Raggonix... Blade, is it?

RAGGONIX: Yes. I didn't do it.

BADSTAR: Mr Blade, could you please explain what happened the night your brother was shot?

RAGGONIX: We were fighting because I owed him money, I went to get the money at the end and I heard a gunshot. I am not saying anymore until I get my lawyer.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Looks like I'm gonna have to agree to defend him. He looks like he really didn't do it. So, why not?} {Presents lawyer's badge} My name is Badstar Strunner and I would like to represent you in court.

RAGGONIX: Okay, but thats really all that happened. When does court start? I want to prove myself innocent.

BADSTAR: It'll start in a couple days. {Thinking: Isn't it MY job to prove him inncoent} But first, I want to ask you a couple questions. First, what time was your brother shot?

RAGGONIX: Around 9:00 PM at night.

BADSTAR: Okay, but out of curiousity, why were you arrested after your brother was shot? Is there any evidence against you?

RAGGONIX: First, I touched Raggon's chest where he got shot, I got covered in blood. Second, I went to get the aid, which was near the gun shelf which is on the right side of the apartment, and I had already called 911. By the time they got there, I was just leaving from getting the aid.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Hmmm... maybe I should ask him which hospital his brother is staying at. I could talk to him} Excuse me, Mr Blade? Do you know where your brother is?

RAGGONIX: Pinehearst Medical Facility, on Reed Street.

BADSTAR: Thank you. Well, I have to go now. Goodbye, Mr Blade.

{Cut: Pinhearst Medical Facility. Raggon's room.}

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Heres his room. Now where is h-}

RAGGON: Hello?

BADSTAR: GAH! {Falls backwards}

RAGGON: Sorry. What do you want?

BADSTAR: {Gets up} Well, you see... I'm Badstar Strunner, defense attorney. I'm defending your brother in court.

STAN: Huh. You must startle easily.

BADSTAR: No, I do-

RAGGON: So what do you need? I got another x-ray in 30 minutes.

BADSTAR: Well, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.


BADSTAR: Well first, what happened after Raggonix left the room?

RAGGON: I sat on the couch waiting, then I heard a gunshot and started getting dizzy.

BADSTAR: So you didn't see who shot you?

RAGGON: No, but I heard Raggonix say "I finnaly got my revenge!".

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Gah! My head... it just suddenly started hurting after he said that. Odd...} {Puts a hand on his head} Er... okay. So, where did this all happen?

RAGGON: Raiku's apartment. He was out demon slaying.

BADSTAR: Do you think you could give me the addres?

RAGGON: Albino Street, Kain Apartments.

NURSE: Raggon, its time for your x-rays.

{Cut: Stan and Badstar walking to Kain Apartments. Badstar looks deep in thought}

STAN: So, Strunner. What's got you thinking all of a sudden?

BADSTAR: Well... back when I was questioning Raggon... something weird happened.


BADSTAR: Right after he said that he heard Raggonix say something, about revenge... well... I got a headache right after he said that. And then I got a feeling in my gut... a feeling like... I was being lied to.

STAN: What, that feeling? I've always had that gut feeling--it comes with the badge, I guess. ... Not like I'd know what the badge is like.

BADSTAR: Well, I know that but... I felt something weird with my eyes... Stan, in my eyes... a red aura was starting to appear around him. I don't know what this means...

STAN: Really? I can't say I know anything about that.


{An aura appears around Stan.}

STAN: It's best to just drop it.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: W-what the!? That headache... its back! Whats going on? I feel something weird going on with my eyes... I'm starting to notice something... a-a twitch maybe?}

STAN: What? ... Don't give me that look, Strunner. It's a bit scary.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: I see a strange habit... but... where is it!?}

STAN: Listen, if this is about that headache, I don't know a thing about it.

{Cut: Badstar's pov. The aura gets darker}

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Wait a minute... right after he said he didn't know a thing... I-I saw the habit!} Stan... do you think you could repeat that?

STAN: Why? ... Whatever. I don't know a thing about it. Are you happy?

BADSTAR: {Points index finger} GOTCHA!!!


BADSTAR: Stan, I'd like to point out something. Everytime you said you didn't know about my feeling... YOU SCRATCHED YOUR LEG!

STAN: ... Well, that's not quite what I did. In fact, that's not at all what I did. I don't know anything at all.


STAN: {chuckles} What now?

BADSTAR: After you said you didn't know about the feeling... YOUR EYEBROW TWITCHED! Which makes me convinced... you DO know something about this headache.

STAN: ... Why would you say that?

BADSTAR: Because, eveyrtime you mentioned you didn't know about it your eyebrow twitched AND I got the feeling. Now you may say that just because your eyebrow twitched, it doesn't mean your lying. But wouldn't even you find it strange?

STAN: ... Would I? I don't know.

BADSTAR: Stan, you seem tense. Anything you'd like to... admit? {Thinking: The aura is fading! I'm getting close}

STAN: ... Nope! I don't know where you're going with this, but it's getting old.

{The aura strengthens.}

BADSTAR: Stan I know you're lying! And I have proof! {Thinking: Wait... do I?}

STAN: Really? Let's see the proof.

BADSTAR: Okay... fine! {Thinking: C'mon, Badstar, think! What evidence do you have!?}

STAN: Hmm... if you must know, you can always check the Evidence section of your Court Records. That's always a good place to start.

BADSTAR: Oh! Court record! Almost forgot about that... {Checks court record} {Thinking: Lets see here...}

STAN: Well? Where is it, Strunner?

BADSTAR: Errrrr... um... this? {Presents his lawyer badge}

STAN: ... Strunner. Why did you bring that up?

BADSTAR: Ummm... it... was the only thing I could find.

STAN: So... you don't know, then, do you?

BADSTAR: ...No. {Hangs head} {Thinking: Damn! So close...}

STAN: {forlorn} It's alright. For a minute I thought you had already known- no, no. I can't say anything more.

{Stan enters the apartment.}

BADSTAR: {Enters apartment}

{Inside the apartment, it is a mess. There is blood on the couch, as well as papers scattered on the floor.}

STAN: Yikes. Right on the leather, even.

RAIKU: Who's there?

BADSTAR: GAH! {Falls back}

RAIKU: Sorry.

STAN: Oh! You must be...?

BADSTAR: {Gets up} I think this is that Raiku person.

STAN: Really? I heard you're the prosecutor on the case. Commendable!

RAIKU: Hey, aren't you Badstar Strunner? I am going to beat you in court today!

STAN: Oh! We've got a fighter!

RAIKU: Now, what do you want?

BADSTAR: What? Y-you don't mean... you're going to be the prosecutor for tommorows trial?

STAN: Looks like it.

BADSTAR: Well, this certainly got a little akward...

STAN: Mmmhmm. Well, we need to investigate.

BADSTAR: Okay then! {Picks up papers} What are these?

RAIKU: Court order papers.

STAN: A subpoena, eh? Was the victim in a legal situation or something?

RAIKU: With his brother. Raggonix owed him money.

BADSTAR: And why did he owe him money?

RAIKU: Raggonix acidentialy hit his van.

BADSTAR: Out of curiousity... how much did he owe him?

RAIKU: 5 grand.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Whoah... now that sounds like something to try kill somebody over!}

STAN: Wow. That's not quite pocket change, now is it?

RAIKU: Actully, Raggonix has half of it.

STAN: Hm. Interesting.

BADSTAR: Huh? {Sees a gun} A gun? This must've been the gun Raggon was shot with.


STAN: I'll have this sent to the precinct to have it analyzed.

{Stan takes the gun and leaves the room.}

BADSTAR: Well, I think I've found all that can be found. I'm going to the offices. When Stan walks in, tell him I went to the offices.

{Cut: Office}

BADSTAR: What a day... huh? {Sees a file on the ground next to a filing cabinet.} Huh? A file on Stan? {Picks it up and looks through it. Gasps} I-I can't believe it... wait... I think I know what Stan was hiding! {Puts it in court record} {Thinking: Now all I have to do is confront him when he gets back!}

{Jon walks into the room.}

JON: Morning, Mr. Strunner! How's it going?

BADSTAR: Err... fine.

JON: ... Pal, you don't look fine. What's happening?

BADSTAR: Well... um... Jon? Before Stan was a prosecuter... was he... a-a... defense attorney?

JON: ... You know, don't you?

{Reminiscence - Grief}

JON: It was a long time ago... You'd never think it, but Stan was one of the best defense attorneys ever seen in court. But... well, something happened. That's why he became a prosecutor.

BADSTAR: D-do you know what happened?

JON: I do... but... I can't say what happened. It was... tragic. Maybe after the case, I can tell you...

BADSTAR: Okay... {Thinking: Maybe I can ask Stan tommorow in court...}

{Fade to black.}

{Cut: the defense lobby. Stan is there, sitting on the couch.}

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Well, time to uncover what Stan is hiding!} Stan? Can I talk with you in private?

STAN: Yes?

BADSTAR: Well, Stan... remember yesterday? Well, I know you were hiding something. And I'm ready to reveal your lie.

STAN: ...

{The red aura appears around Stan in Badstar's POV}


STAN: What is it?

BADSTAR: Yesterday, you were hiding something. About the feeling... and something else. And I can prove it!

STAN: Evidence is everything, Strunner. So let's see some.

BADSTAR: Okay! Take... THAT! {Presents Stan's file}

STAN: ... How? How did you find that?

{The aura immediately disappears.}

BADSTAR: I found it next to the filing cabinet. I know you used to be a defense attorney and I wanna know two things! First, I wanna know what that feeling is! That feeling I first got yesterday!

STAN: Alright, let me level with you. That feeling is the Perceive System. It's a gut feeling that only a few people get. I researched it in my days as a defense attorney.

BADSTAR: Do you think you could tell me more about it? How exactly is the percieve sytem used?

STAN: When one uses the system, they can detect even the slightest nervous twitch. This is what they use to tell whether the person is lying or not. That's all.

BADSTAR: Okay, now heres my other question. What happened that made you quit being a defense attorney?

STAN: ...

{Flashback: Stan's final case as a defense attorney.}

JUDGE: ... and, given the evidence shown before us, we can only give one verdict... Not guilty.

STAN: (Yes! I got him!)

JUDGE: Court is adjourned.

{Cut: the defense lobby.}

STAN: Hey, Jon! How's it going?

JON: ... Stan...


JON: Stan, that evidence...

STAN: Yes?

JON: The papers... were falsified.

STAN: ... WHAT?!

JON: The evidence was tampered with!

STAN: ... No...

JON: It's true! Somebody messed with the papers, and-

{A man who looks like Stan, but in all black garb with a white "P" on his chest, walks in.}

PHIL: Well, well, well. If it isn't Stanley.

STAN: Phil... I...

PHIL: I'm so glad you found me innocent, really I am! And all because of the evidence!

STAN: You... you bastard! You falsified the evidence!

PHIL: But who can say? After all, I'm not the one who presented them, am I?

STAN: ... No! NO!

PHIL: You've let a killer off the hook. Commendable.

STAN: ... No...

PHIL: Well, I must be going. I'll see you later!

{Phil walks off, with a smirk.}

STAN: ... Jon...

JON: Yes, Stan?

STAN: ... I let an innocent man go to jail... I let him die!

JON: Stan, no!

{Reminiscence: The Fire Carves Scars}

STAN: I let him die! I killed him, Jon! I killed that man!

{Stan starts to cry.}

STAN: I... I can't b-believe it...

JON: Stan... you can't let them know.

STAN: ... About the evidence...

JON: You'll be debarred! Do you know what that's going to be like?

STAN: ... Jon, I can't go on like this. I can't be a defense attorney anymore.

JON: Why?

STAN: If I mess up, I let innocent people die... I need to get the real killers guilty, no matter what!

JON: Stan, this is-

STAN: Don't say anything, Jon. I have to choose my own path, and... and this is it.

{Stan tears off his badge.}

STAN: I'll never be in this room again. Goodbye, Jon.

{Stan walks off.}


{End flashback.}

STAN: ... I don't want to talk about it.

BALIFF: Court is now in session!

STAN: ... You heard him.

{Stan walks into the courtroom.}

BADSTAR: {Sighs. Slowly walks in}

{Cut: the courthouse. Raiku is there}


JUDGE: Court is now in session. Is the defense ready?

BADSTAR: The defense is ready, your honor.

JUDGE: Mr. Strunner, you seem a bit... off. Anything wrong?

BADSTAR: ...N-no. Everything is alright, you honor. I assure you.

JUDGE: Alright, then. I was just a bit worried, is all.

STAN: Nothing to worry about, Your Honor.

JUDGE: ... Mr. Stan?

STAN: I'm Mr. Strunner's bench aid.

JUDGE: ... Alright, then. Is the prosecution ready?

RAIKU: The prosecution is ready.

JUDGE: Good. Would the prosecution like to make an opening statement?

RAIKU: Umm...

STAN: I can tell he's new to this. {to Raiku} Just make a prediction as to how the case will end or something. Show the court your stance on the issue!

RAIKU: I think, and know that Raggonix is guilty! I just don't have any evidence yet.

JUDGE: My, my! No evidence?

STAN: Then again, we don't really have much, either.

JUDGE: I see. Would the defense care to say anything?

BADSTAR: I don't have anything to say at the moment, your honor.

JUDGE: Odd. This must be a first! Anyhow, we must remember why we're here.

STAN: Yes... a Mr. Raggon was shot by who the prosecution assumes to be a Mr. Raggonix. The defense, however, would like to prove Raggonix innocent.

JUDGE: I see. Would the prosecution care to call a witness?

RAIKU: We don't have any.

JUDGE: ... You're sure? Nobody witnessed the crime? At all?

RAIKU: No one is here yet.

STAN: Ouch. This guy's getting hammered out there.

JUDGE: Then get them in this courtroom!



STAN: ... Oof. This guy's definitely a rookie.

{Meg walks in}

MEG: Hello.

JUDGE: Will the witness please state her name and occupation for the court?

MEG: My name is Meg Angel, and I am a pro-kickboxer.

JUDGE: Oh! A kickboxer! I guess I'd better not get you angry. Prosecution, do you have anything to ask the witness?

RAIKU: Yes. Miss Angel, where were you when it happened?

MEG: In my guestroom. I heard gunshots. I ran downstairs and saw Raggon.

JUDGE: Really? Well, that's... normal, for a witness. Now, please give your testimony, Ms. Angel!

MEG: Umm.

JUDGE: A detailed explanation of what happened last night. Please tell us, ma'am.

MEG: Well, I heard gunshots. I ran downstairs and saw Raggonix next to the gun cabinet.

BADSTAR: Errr... maybe you should go into detail about what you saw...

JUDGE: Hm... that'll have to do. The defense may begin its cross-examination.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Crap. Thats a pretty smal testimony to work with. I hope I can do this...} Y-yes, your honor.

MEG: {To Raiku} See ya brother!

RAIKU: See you sis!

BADSTAR: Wait a minute! {Slams desk} Witness, you can't leave yet. I still have to do my cross examination! Now please... repeat your testimony.

MEG: Well, I heard gunshots. I ran downstairs and saw Raggonix next to the gun cabinet.

BADSTAR: HOLD IT! Did you see what he was doing when you saw him?

MEG: Holding something. It looked like a piece of paper.

BADSTAR: Did you see anything afterwards?

MEG: While reading the paper, Raggonix said "I finally got my revenge!".

{Cut: Badstar's POV. The red aura is around Meg}


BADSTAR: {Thinking: The aura! That means... she's lying! Alright! Time to percieve! But first, I gotta find that habit...} Witness, could you repeat that again... {Thinking: Okay, Badstar... search for that twitch!}

MEG: While reading the paper, Raggonix said "I finally got my revenge!". {There is no twitch}

BADSTAR: {Thinking: What the...!? No habit!? Then... why did the aura appear? Oh well...} Out of curiousity... what time was it when you went downstairs?

MEG: 9:30 PM.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: So that means the fight lasted a half hour. That must've been when Raggonix went to get the aid, which means...} OBJECTION! You say you saw Raggonix near the gun cabinet?

MEG: Yeah?

BADSTAR: Hmmm... Raggon was shot at 9:00. That means by the time Raggonix got back, he saw his brother. He explained that he went to get the aid which was near the gun shelf. That would be around 9:30. Now, if Raggonix had really done it... {Slams desk} HE WOULD BE HOLDING A GUN!

{Objection 2007}

RAIKU: What if he quickly put it back? Hmm?

BADSTAR: That would be imposible because... HE DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH THE GUN!

RAIKU: OBJECTION! Do you have proof?

BADSTAR: In fact... I DO! {Presents fingerprint scans} TAKE THAT!!!

RAIKU: {Looks at them} OBJECTION! The defendent most likely wiped them off!

BADSTAR: OBJECTION! Once again, impossible!

RAIKU: How so?

BADSTAR: Because if you look closely at the results you will see... THAT IT HAS SOMEBODY'S FINGERPRINTS ON IT! Somebody who is not Raggonix! {Thinking: That should stop his string of objections!}

RAIKU: OBJECTION! The defendent being the famous super-genius he is, could of easily used an invention to make fake fingerprints.

BADSTAR: ...In 30 minutes? {Thinking: How did this guy even pass the bar exam!?}

RAIKU: He has an iq of 310, of course he can. Also, Judge, would you please bring in the Plaintiff?

JUDGE: Now, I highly doubt that a single man could have an IQ of 310. I myself only have an IQ of 150!

STAN: That's not usually something you brag about, Judgey. Anyway, the plaintiff's already in the room, if you'd look into the audience. And by the by, Raiku? If this guy's so famous, I'd know. So your allegations are clearly false. (What a dope.) And, if I could add, there is, to my knowledge, another witness.

JUDGE: ... Another one?

STAN: Yes, Your Honor. Another, decisive witness that will prove the innocence of Mr. Raggonix!

JUDGE: ... Would you care to explain this, Prosecutor Raiku?

STAN: {to Badstar} Way to bluff, Strunner. Now we've got the judge thinking like we do.

BADSTAR: {To Stan} Well, it wasn't really bluffing. I just pointed out the mistake...

STAN: Either way, the judge is on our side now.

JUDGE: Prosecutor Raiku! Do you know about this "decisive witness"?

RAIKU: Know her? She is my sister!

BADSTAR: Errr... wrong witness...

RAIKU: There isn't another one that I know of.

STAN: Hm... that's strange. I thought you were the all-knowing Prosecutor Raiku.

RAIKU: Oh dang, not Ace.

STAN: ... I beg pardon?

RAIKU: We go way back.

STAN: I'd like you to bring him to the stand, if that's alright. We'd like to hear testimony.

{Police bring Ace in, he is in a straitjacket}

BADSTAR: {Thinking: I just got a really bad feeling about this...}

JUDGE: Witness, please state your name and occupation for the court.

JAK: Jack "Jak" White., criminal.

JUDGE: Well! I certainly have a verdict in mind already!

STAN: Not good, Strunner.

BADSTAR: OBJECTION! Your honor, just because the witness is an ex-criminal, it doesn't mean my client is guilty! The only thing that matters is the truth! Not just imediattly inferring that just because the witness is a criminal means the client is guitly!

JUDGE: Oh, well, I'm sorry. It's just... he looks guilty. Yep. Definitely. Even so, I'd like the witness to testify.

JAK: I was passing by, and I heard gunshots. I ran up and and looked through the window on the left side of the apartment, and saw a guy with a gun by a gun cabinet.

JUDGE: Alright. The defense may start its cross-examination.

BADSTAR: Yes, your honor. Witness, please repeat the testimony.

JAK: I was passing by, and I heard gunshots. I ran up and and looked through the window on the left side of the apartment, and saw a guy with a gun by a gun cabinet.

BADSTAR: HOLD IT! What did this person you saw look like?

JAK: HE looked like the typical genius.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: ...That didn't help. Wait... I think I just thought of something that contradicts the testimony. I just have to think about what Raggonix said at the detention center...}

{Flashback to Badstar at the detention center}

RAGGONIX: First, I touched Raggon's chest where he got shot, I got covered in blood. Second, I went to get the aid, which was near the gun shelf which is on the right side of the apartment, and I had already called 911. By the time they got there, I was just leaving from getting the aid.

{Cut back}

BADSTAR: OBJECTION! You say you saw Raggonix holding the gun on the left side of the apartment?

JAK: Yeah?

BADSTAR: Well, that would be impossible! You see, the gun shelf... IS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE APARTMENT!

{Cornered 2004}

JAK: You know that how? Have you been there?

BADSTAR: Raggonix told me earlier when I went to the detention center and Raggonix told me he went to the right side of the apartment where the aid was! Also, I went in the apartment for investigation and saw it on the right side! Mind explaining yourself, mister ace?

JAK: Um um... {Starts to run away}


{The bailiff grabs him}

JAK: Okay, it was me. I tried getting revenge from a while ago.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Well, THAT was quick!}

STAN: Really? That was quick. Tell us about the revenge.

JAK: Back when I wasn't in prison, I commited a crime. He sent me to jail and took away my diving carrer.

STAN: And you shot him in revenge. I can see that. So why blame Raggonix?

JAK: He helped with the arrest, but shooting him would get me caught. People would of saw me. So I went whit the next best thing.

BADSTAR: Your honor, I believe it has just been proven that my client is indeed, not guilty.

JUDGE: Agreed. We find the defendant, Raggonix Blade... not guilty. Jak will be tried later for attempted murder. Court is now adjourned.

{Cut: the defendant's lobby.}

STAN: Good job, Strunner! Another one down.

BADSTAR: Thanks, Stan! I've been getting really lucky in these trials...

STAN: Just keep in mind, Strunner... It might not happen again.

BADSTAR: I... understand that. Thats while I've always been trying my hardest to not only win... but prove my clients innocent. In facts thats all I really care about... getting my clients innocent.

STAN: Just remember, Strunner, that not everybody is innocent. Just keep that in mind sometimes.

{Fade to black.}

STAN: Strunner's third case went by without a hitch... but that's the last big break he got. He'd find out later that it's tough by yourself...

BADSTAR: I listened to Stan's words with care. I understood what he meant. But I defintley wouldn't be in store for what would happen next... because what happened next... almost lost me my badge...

{End case.}

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