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It's a courtroom drama! That's all.

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Cases Edit

Badstar Arc Edit

Rift Arc Edit

Chwoka Arc Edit

Raiku ArcEdit

Characters Edit

Badstar Arc Edit

  • Badstar Strunner - Head defense attorney of the Badstar Arc. Tends to be impulsive, with a stron belief in the innocence of his clients.
  • Stan - Former mentor to Badstar Strunner. Formerly a prosecutor.
  • Jon - Head detective of the precinct. Tends to say "pal" a lot for some reason.
  • Raggon Blade - Was attacked by his brother, according to him.
  • Raggonix Blade - Defendant of case two. Suspected of attacking his brother, Raggon.
  • Raiku Devil - Prosecutor in charge of the second case. Apparently demon-born.
  • Meg Angel - Witnessed the attack on Raggon.
  • Jak White - Attacked Raggon. Found guilty.
  • Chwoka - Prosecutor in charge of the third case. Fairly nice guy.
  • Phil - The "killer" of Stan in case three. Found guilty.
  • Warren Holland - Victim of case four. Shot in a coffee shop.
  • Nicholas Beatty - Defendant of case four.
  • Joe - Witnessed Holland's death. Tends bar at the coffee shop.
  • Yog Bellstrom - Prosecutor in charge of the fourth case. Is made of pure cosmic horror.
  • Mira DeSilva - Apparently witnessed the murder of Warren Holland.

Rift Arc Edit

  • Rift Katana - Head defense attorney of the Rift Arc. Very witty.
  • Jon - It's that guy with a shirt!
  • TheStick Lapcing - Prosecutor in charge of the first case.
  • Badstar Strunner - Defendant of case one. Since his last case, he has become much more serious in demeanor.
  • Shadi Smith - The victim of the first case. Killed by Homestrong Strunner.
  • Marissa - The victim of the second case.
  • Maloa - The defendant of case 2.
  • Chwoka - The veteran prosecutor returns in case two.
  • Nurse Buxomly - A minor witness who is very hot

Chwoka Arc Edit

  • Chwoka (past) - A bright-eyed hotshot prosecutor who nonetheless is very thorough.
  • Jon - Detective and assistant to Chwoka.
  • Mercedes Bends - Client of the first case. She's kind of dumpy.
  • Sebastian Prinz - Though seemingly pretentious, this man strives for truth.
  • Mechanic Jack - Worked on Mrs. Bends' car.
  • Manny Gruber - CEO of Land Future, Inc. Sweaty.
  • Secretary Buxomly - Secretary for Land Future, Inc.
  • One Pablo Montoya - Worked for Land Future before being laid off. Made tons of money.

Raiku Arc Edit

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